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Return Terms

Refunds of non-defective products.

As with all online purchases, you are entitled to change your mind about your purchase even after receiving your order. To return products you receive, but you have decided not to complete the purchase, the following should apply:

Not more than 14 days have elapsed since the date of purchase
Product packaging must not be opened and must be in good condition.

If the above applies, then you must:

  • Call us on +30 2315004511 and let us know. We will give you instructions on how to return products through the carrier that you received.
  • Pack the product well in a larger box and send it to us. Please note that the shipping cost is charged to the customer.
  • As soon as we receive the product we will contact you to give us a bank account number in which we will deposit your money. From the purchase amount we will deduct the shipping cost (€ 5) and the cost of the parts returned to us in poor condition.

Returns of defective products

To return defective products to us under the terms of the Limited Warranty, you must:

  • Call us on +30 2315 00 45 11.
  • If you are required to send us the product for replacement, then you should follow the return instructions required to replace non-defective products


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